Fantastic taxidermy raven perched on monkey skull by Grimm Relics on Etsy.

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Artist: The Runaways
Track: Cherry Bomb
Album: The Runaways
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The Runaways//Cherry Bomb

Can’t stay at home, can’t stay in school
Old folks say, ya poor little fool
Down the street, I’m the girl next door
I’m the fox you’ve been waiting for

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"All she wanted was to find a place to stretch her bones, a place to lengthen her smiles, and spread her hair. A place where her legs could walk without cutting and bruising, a place unchained. She was born out of ocean breath. I reminded her; Stop pouring so much of yourself into hearts that have no room for themselves. Do not thin yourself. Be vast. You do not bring the ocean to a river."

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Dunster Castle began as an 11th-century Anglo-Norman construction, on the site of an earlier fortification. The medieval stone buildings were constructed from the early 12th century into the early 16th century, until the fortification’s destruction in 1650, just after the English Civil War. A more modern manor house was built, starting in 1617, during the 17th and 18th centuries, then remodelled between 1868 and 1872, partly to be in keeping with mid-Victorian nostalgic architectural preferences. Today, the castle and its grounds are in the keeping of the National Trust, open to the public.

This picture was taken (with slide film) in part of the garden occupying the former Lower Ward, near one of the ruined medieval (13th-century?) castle towers.

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I love that look - like omg I gotta hurry up and eat it!

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 Ernst Ferdinand Oehme Procession in the Fog, 1828

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The Roots of Witchcraft

Michael Harrison

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